For Parents


What will my son gain from joining a Greek organization on Campus?

The fraternity experience has been romanticized, exaggerated, and stereotyped. Yet the modern fraternity has come a long way, and can no longer be thought of in terms of the “Animal House” stereotype that was popularized in the late '70s. Fraternity members are involved members of campus who boast, on average, higher GPAs than other University students. Being in a fraternity is the perfect way for an undergraduate, male student to engage in philanthropic activity, learn financial responsibility, become a leader, and network with a myriad of other students on campus.

Why should my son join the Jewish Fraternity?

Alpha Epsilon Pi is the only Greek organization left in the world that maintains a full Jewish identity. We maintain a strong relationship with the Shulman Hillel, where we host meetings and co-plan events for the Jewish community. At the University of Iowa, the Jewish population is small. Joining Alpha Epsilon Pi is the best way to meet other Jewish men on campus, and retain a sense of home that one can only find through Judaism.

What about the time and money?

The first semester a prospective member on campus, he will undergo the New Member Education program, which teaches involvement, academics, and success on campus. After that, a brother puts in what he wants to take out - being in Alpha Epsilon Pi will not preclude your son from being otherwise involved on campus. Alpha Epsilon Pi encourages external involvement. Each semester, brothers will pay dues to the fraternity to support our programs and events. Dues are paid through the University Billing System (UBill). Every single dime paid towards this fraternity by its members is carefully budgeted by the Executive Board to maximize the fraternity experience for each brother.

What is my role as a parent of a brother of Alpha Epsilon Pi?

You, as parents, are our primary support system. We rely on you to discuss fraternity and sorority life with your son, remain engaged and interested in their success and involvement on campus, and contact the fraternity whenever you have questions or issues. Each semester, the fraternity holds one or more parents events, such as a Parent's Weekend or a Dad's retreat. We encourage each and every one of you to attend these events, as our parent network is of the utmost importance.